House Rules

There are just a few house upkeeps and rules we ask you to please keep in consideration…

  • Please be cautious of the AC unit, making sure to keep the windows and doors closed while using the AC. Do not set the temperature below 70 degrees.
  • Please make sure to secure patio cushions and pillows during harsh weather. They can be stored at the side of the house between the house and railing
  • Please do not warm food or marshmallows over the flame on the patio table fire.
  • Please turn off the gas on the grill when it is not being used.
  • Please turn off the spa heat when not being used.

Checkout Time is at 10:00 am

  • Please leave dirty sheets and towels on bedroom floor (blankets, pillows, and comforters can stay on bed)
  • Clean dishes can be left in dishwasher or on drying pad.
  • Turn off all the lights, ceiling fans, and other electronic devices in the house.
  • Turn AC to 67 degrees.
  • Please take all trash, including bathroom trash, out to the trash located outside the garage doors. (Trash Days are early Wednesday and Saturday mornings, if you can assist with putting the bins at the curb. Recycle pick-up is early Saturday morning only)
  • Please lock all doors and close all windows.
  • And have a safe journey home! We hope you enjoyed your visit!

For any questions or information, feel free to contact us!